Commercial contracts, MOTs

We have a skilled workforce who can diagnose problems using modern diagnostic equipment, supply parts, oils and repair all makes of vehicles.  

Our Services

Servicing and Repairs

At CTS we carry out all types of servicing for all makes of vehicles, cars, vans, LGVs or specialist plant vehicles at our modern and well-equipped CTS workshops.  Highly trained technicians will use latest technology and best practice to maintain your vehicles to the highest standards, all at very competitive rates for the local area at £50.00 per hour. 

Commercial Contracts

CTS already maintains the council's fleet of HGVs, vans, pick-ups and commercial vehicles, we have great facilities and an experienced team who are well able to look after your fleet.  Bespoke plans can be tailored to the client, it is even possible to manage your fleet servicing routine for you.  Defects, modifications, breakdowns etc. can all be managed by CTS.

Valet Services

We have a small team dedicated to cleaning, valeting and keeping vehicles in tip top condition.  Please Call for Costs. 

Air Conditioning

We can carry out most Re gassing services on vehicles. Please call to discuss your Air Conditioning Needs. 

MOT Testing/ATF Testing

We test most categories of cars and vehicles, you can even wait while the test is carried out in our comfortable reception area using the free WIFI or – for commercial staff – the dedicated hot desks.

Vehicle / Chassis wash

CTS has excellent facilities and is able to thoroughly clean the largest vehicles using are commercial cleaning station and MOT prep steam cleaning.  We can wash or steam clean anything from an RCV or Cement mixer to a small van or car, please ring for more details and to book in.


We offer a state of the art fabrication service for all your fabrication needs. From Gates, railings, fencing and even benches. Our small dedicated team can provide a high quality service for any of your fabrication needs. Call for more details. 

Your questions answered


What time is the first MOT appointment

Usually 7.15am please check the calendar to see when a slot is free and make a booking. Please make sure you are on time or the slot may be lost.

What time do you open?

CTS is open at 7 am to 5 pm Mon – Thurs and 7 am to 3 pm on Fridays.

Where do I go for an MOT?

Buzz at the main gate if shut, once it is opened please park right outside the main reception. You can wait in the reception while the test is completed.

How can I pay for an MOT or work done on my car?

You can pay at the reception, we take cards preferably but can take cash as well.

Is there a waiting area?

Yes for jobs that don’t take too long feel free to wait in the reception / waiting area, there is free WIFI, comfy chairs and water/coffee machine. 

How long does an MOT take?

We allow an hour to complete the test and paperwork, please make sure you are on time though as we can get busy and refusal of test may occur. 

Can you MOT my motorhome?

Yes, however if your vehicle is very large we may only have selected days, please call and discuss with a member of the team. 

My van is class 7, can you MOT it?

Yes we can test class 7 vehicles.

Do you MOT minibuses?

No unfortunately we do not test taxis, Minibuses or Motorbikes at the moment, we can carry out work on minibuses though.

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